Turn Your Dreams into Goals

As we look forward to our early retirement dreams of travelling this great country, we realize how woefully unprepared we are for it financially! So we’ve made some radical decisions in order to reach our retirement goals. This site contains everything you may be curious about and why we’re making these decisions.

Read as much or as little as you like – either through the links across the top, or the blogs posts down the side.

There ISN’T a “Have They Lost Their Minds” tab.  You’ll have to decide that for yourself!  All we know is that we’re soooo excited about the prospects of this that we can barely stand it!

Long way off?  You bet!  But, being the over-planner that is ME, once we started looking into things there was so much info that this site will also help me keep MY thoughts organized!

And who knows…..maybe you’ll be coming back to read more details because it’s suddenly nippin’ at your brain.  If so, hopefully you’ll still have time to make YOUR early retirement dreams come true too!

It all begins here….


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