5 Things We Wish We Had Known

Anyone who knows me in real life knows I do EXTENSIVE research on all things I undertake!

Here’s a list of our five slap-your-forehead moments – or completely not on my radar to even research – or plain old blunders!

#1 – Which states take which toll transponders!  You would think with how much ground we’ve covered on our motorcycles we would already know this, but I can honestly say we’ve NEVER received a ticket or fee in the mail for our bikes!  Somehow I don’t think Texas is going to let us get away unnoticed with an extra three axles – LOL!  Tried to pay online, but everything says they’ll send us an invoice via mail.  *cringe*


#2 –  That a 2500 lb D ring can break when only securing 1600 lbs of motorcycles.  Ouch!  This country’s highways need a lot of work – and the torque force on the backend of a bouncing 46′ toy hauler is more than I care to calculate.   Or inferior D ring – who knows.  They’ve been replaced and the minor boo-boos have been kissed.

#3 – How much goatheads hurt – for us and the dog!   No, not actual goat heads!  Nasty little thorns that come off a plant and make walking across a room of legos seem like a walk in the park!  We ran across these little suckers in Washington, Oregon, Utah, Wyoming, Arizona, and Texas!  They are very sharp – and they stick!  If the dog steps on one you have to stop and get it out for them or they start limping pretty quickly.   Todd is never barefoot normally – and I’ve learned not to be either once we spot one in an area!  Actually, I had read about these little suckers before we hit the road – I just didn’t give them enough credit – LOL!

#4 – How many people don’t know how to merge with large vehicles when entering a highway – and how many people won’t let you move over to allow emergency vehicles on the side of the road more room.  ‘Nuff said.

#5 – Don’t plan an overnight stop in a Bass Pro parking lot (perfectly legal if you call ahead) on Black Friday – LOL!  I wasn’t even thinking it was Black Friday, much less about how crowded their parking lot would be – and that they would be staying open late…keeping the lot full!  *smacks forehead*!

The PLUS of all this is, of course, being mobile in our rolling home to experience all these things 🙂


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