Priorities and Discipline

ONE. YEAR. TO. GO! And we’re busy disciplining, prioritizing, discussing and planning!

We’ve had our plan in place for a couple of years already (waiting for youngest to graduate) – inching along – with MANY spreadsheets to help direct our focus and reach our goal!

I know this next year is going to go by in the blink of an eye, and probably not without problems. But I’m TRYING to become a more “go with the flow” person – and Todd is nearby to stand me back up every time I collapse! J If you meet up with us and I’m a little distracted, please forgive me – my brain has too many tabs open!!

So, where are we at on all the critical things we need to do to move forward with taking our motorcycles and running away from home permanently and traveling next September 1st?

House – Improvements & Repairs. We’ve gotten quite a bit done including new hard floors on the majority of the main level, all rooms painted except our master bedroom, all outlets, switches and plates updated and some projects on the exterior. With a goal of listing the house next June 15th, I think we’re on track!

State of Residency Chosen – we have gone back and forth on this issue for a year. Since we will no longer own a home, we can/have to choose a state to declare residency in for purposes of taxes, vehicle and medical insurance and voting rights. The big 3 for RV travelers are South Dakota, Florida and Texas. Although we would MUCH rather be Texans, we will be becoming Floridians instead. Unfortunately, our main consideration is health insurance options and coverage (Todd’s heart issues, my cancer history and heart issues) and Florida wins on that front hands down.

Downsizing – we’ve made some huge strides in getting rid of things, either to family members or charities. It’s hard to do some of it yet due to how much our lives will change but haven’t yet! For example: work clothes – still need them because we’re still working! Yards maintenance tools and machines – still need them because we still have a yard! But we continually get rid of what we can and have seriously changed our spending habits, and don’t buy anything that doesn’t have a place in our future life! And we have a continual donation box sitting open so that the minute we touch something and think “this is garbage/why do I still have this/I hate this shirt” it goes immediately in there and it goes away every time it fills up – which has been quite often!

Budgets – hang on, let me open a couple of spreadsheets…. J We have our budget set for once we hit the road. It will be tight, but still better than going to work every day! This coming year will also be tight as we try to stock our emergency fund(s) with as much money as possible.

Dually Truck – still something we won’t buy until we close on the house, and we will be buying used. They’re expensive!! But I now know more than I ever dreamed possible about diesel engines, rear gear ratios and GVWR!

Rig – also won’t be purchased until we close on the house, and we’ve had to reduce our purchase budget a little in this category due to someone deciding to buy a new motorcycle (me)! But it’s a choice I made knowing this would be the case – and I’m good with that since the original goal in starting this plan was to be able to RIDE all the beautiful places this country has to offer.

Still many lists and “To Do’s” ahead, but I have no doubt we’ll meet our goals!


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One thought on “Priorities and Discipline

  1. Karen Jarc says:

    Sandy ..your blog is very interesting..I had to share it with Mike,cause I know he’ll appreciate your spread sheets

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