House Sold! RV Acquired!

In April of 2021 we listed our house for sale in a very hot market – sold in two days over asking price – YAY!

We spent the better part of May finalizing details and moving everything for the RV into a storage unit.  We closed on a Monday, but the RV wasn’t going to be ready until Friday, so we packed up the dog and moved to a hotel.  Working 40 hours a week remotely, I managed to transition my office to the hotel, but it was still a long week!

Headed to Ohio to pick up our RV on a Friday afternoon, and spent our first two nights in Harvest Host locations (being a holiday weekend all the campgrounds were booked) trying to learn everything about it we could!  Scariest, of course, was the hooking up and towing – but we’ve got that down pat now.

After settling into our first campground in Sycamore, IL, we started making the RV our own and emptying the storage unit.  A little more purging took place, but we had done pretty well in preparation and were in pretty good shape space-wise.  We still have some open space in cabinets and the closet in the bedroom!

Our floorplan is perfect for us (key component in RV happiness!), and it truly felt like home within a couple days!

No regrets.  No “oh no, what have we done?” moments.  Just an incredible sense of freedom and reduction of the pressures of home ownership!




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2 thoughts on “House Sold! RV Acquired!

  1. Paul Gentry says:

    This is your favorite Rosati’s delivery person. I am extremely envious of you guys! I will be following you here in your travels.

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