The Plan & Why

So what IS it we’re planning to do?!?!?!?

Ready? Are you sure?

Okay, here goes!

Next Year: Pay off all debt – and not acquire any NEW debt!

Next Two Years Beyond That: Save as much as possible and make any necessary repairs on the house.

And then……*drumroll*……..sell the house and buy a Luxury Toy Hauler and Truck with the equity!

This will allow us to “follow the sun” – staying several weeks at each destination in order to REALLY explore the area (and roads!) without having to rush home because our week’s vacation is up!

Focus on what will be gained, not lost.

WHY did we choose to Redefine OUR American Dream this way?

There’s many reasons and it all just started to make sense and fall together!

#1 – We don’t enjoy or value being homeowners.  There’s so many things that mean MORE to us than home ownership, and houses tend to gobble up all your time and money!

#2 – Our kid’s and grandchildren are scattered all around the country.  We look forward to spending time with them, while not imposing on them and not having to pay for hotels!  Additionally, how cool will it be to be able to take someone with us on a trip, or to be able to provide free housing if they want to visit US?!?!?

#3 – We don’t want to work every day ’til we die, which would pretty much be the case if we don’t make this change.

#4 – We want to RIDE and EXPLORE new areas without the rush of having only a week to get there, explore and get back home!

#5 – We want to travel and have new experiences BEFORE it’s too late!  Don’t kid yourself – everyone’s clock is tickin’!

Read this article from one of many who chose this path also – Living Year Round In An RV Is A Life Altering Experience.

Or read our link to help determine if this option Is For YOU or explore the links to the right or at the top to learn more – ENJOY!

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