Retirement Road Map – For Motorcyclists!

As I sit with all my maps and web apps plotting our next big motorcycle trip to the Smoky Mountains, I know I’m lucky to take such trips with my best friend/hubby on our motorcycles!

It’s easy to get frustrated trying to squeeze in all the awesome roads in the limited time we have dictated by our available vacation time from work. Tail Of The Dragon. The Rattler. Devils Triangle. Cherohala Skyway. Wayah Road. The Snake. Etc., etc., etc.

And then the light clicks on that this is WHY we’ve chosen the early retirement path that we have! Fulltime RV living will allow us to move about the country, chasing the good weather and awesome roads – with no time restrictions! Rainy week when we arrive? No problem, we’ll ride those roads next week!

One of my favorite planning tools for motorcycle trips is

Usually I’m focusing on a set area, zooming in as far as I can looking at routes and possible roads – but as I was doing that today, it occurred to me to zoom OUT to see our Retirement Map! Still a ways off, but so exciting to ponder!

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