Domicile State

When you no longer have a “sticks and bricks” home, you still need to have a true mailing address (not PO Box) for registering vehicles, many government forms and, of course, the IRS.  So you will need to select a DOMICILE STATE, and determine if there’s any mail services there that will provide you an actual address. There’s services that specifically do this, and forward your mail to whereever you specify.

We’re still debating between South Dakota and Texas, which both make the list due to various factors.  Who know that health and auto insurance rates varied so widely from state to state? (***2015 UPDATE – a new issue to factor in is whether the state has nationwide health coverage policies. Florida has the most of these types of policies at present.)

These two great sites helped me reach that decision:

Fulltime RVing – How To Establish A New State Residency

Changing Gears – Changing State Residency

As the time comes closer, we will have to make a final decision.  Health insurance rates, income tax rates and available medical expertise will be definite determining factors.

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