What If?

What if – One of you gets sick?

Since EACH of us has a pre-exisiting condition, this one has been discussed at length!  We were debating between South Dakota, Florida and Texas for our Domicile State, and had decided on South Dakota – until we realized we would rather have any possible surgery/treatment in Houston than Rapid City!

***Update 2016 – Health Insurance laws regarding national coverage keep changing, and are a huge part of what state we will decide to make our home state.  As of this date, Florida is the only state that has health insurance options that are good across the country – which is essential for us!  Things could change on this by the time we’re ready, so we will have to keep an eye on this.***


What if – You decide this isn’t right for you after a couple years?

Based on our travels, we pick our ideal place to live and sell everything, again – and find a place to rent.  I have NO desire to buy another house.  By this time our Social Security should have kicked in and we would be able to get by.  If necessary, we could get jobs again *gasp*, but we would have at least had this time to enjoy our country and our time together BEFORE we’re too old!


What if – Family needs you?

We pack up the RV, move closer to them, and can STAY for as long as we want or are needed – not just a week or so depending on how much “vacation time” we would have had in our old jobs!


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