This has given me amazing focus!

Pondering all the Whys and all the details, of which there are MANY involved with pursuing this dream, has been a little time consuming!

I’m glad we’re nailing down some of our wants and our budget, etc. – it has given me an unexpected sense of direction and focus.

My pick up truck has a rust spot in the bed. In the past, I’d be trading it in, but now am PERFECTLY okay with the thought that I’m going to have to hold off until we’re trading in on what will be our tow vehicle.

Our couches get plenty of abuse from four dogs, and as I was vacuuming them the other day, the previous thought that I had planned to replace them in the next couple years entered my mind – and was quickly discounted by the thought that whatever furniture we buy we’ll be looking to give away a few years after.  Nope.  These will last til then!

Not only would these purchases be unnecessary, they would prevent us from paying off OTHER debt, and accumulating the funds we want to have saved up before undertaking this change.

It’s quite a different mindset for me! And a refreshing one at that!

Keeping our eyes on the prize…..

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